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Responding to your 911 Calls for more thEn 125 years 

Your Firefighters/Paramedics have been serving the residence of West Palm Beach with pride an excellence since 1894.

Three Ways
Your Firefighters
are here for You

West Palm Beach Firefighters/Paramedic do more than fight fires. As an All-Hazards department your firefighters are prepared to address any emergency you might be experiencing.

Emergency Medical Services

With more then 90% of firefighters in West Palm Beach being state certified paramedic, we are able to provide advance life-saving medical service within minutes of your call for help. Whether its a broken bone, heart attack, or some other medical emergency we are there for you!

Special Operations

Your firefighter/paramedics have received advanced training and are capable of mitigating chemical spills, gas leaks, radiological incidents, vehicle accidents, building collapses, and much more. Additionally, we are there to lend a helping hand to our neighboring cities as a state deployable Hazardous Material and Technical Rescue Teams.


By employing state-of-the-art prevention and inspection practices, firefighter/paramedics assigned to the Prevention Bureau are able to ensure the safest environment for all patrons and residents of West Palm Beach buildings. Additionally, your firefighters/paramedics provide fire safety education to schools and community centers.

Saving more than lives

Your Firefighter/Paramedics have worked hard to provide $25.8 Million in savings and revenue. 


Through the efforts of your firefighter/paramedics the city has been awarded an $8,000,000 federal grant to cover the salaries, benefits, and hiring cost of new Firefighters for the first three years of employment.


West Palm Beach Firefighter/Paramedics generate over $6,000,000 in revenue through billable services. This revenue is recurring and growing annually. 


An annual Fire Assessment Fee is collected with the goal of improving fire services. City Administration has publicly admitted to shifting general fund items to this fee in FY21, rather than improving fire servicing to the residents.


As a good faith show of effort, Local 727 voluntarily changed overtime hiring procedures and adjusted retirement calculations to save the city $5.25 million in a combination of one-time and recurring savings.

An agreement has been reached!

After more than 17 months of negotiating with the City Administration, an agreement has been reached that will bring Firefighter/Paramedic wages to top 5 in Palm Beach County.


Your firefighter/paramedics have made continual and public calls for transparency in how the Fire Assessment Fee are being spent. The West Palm Beach Fire Department is understaffed and under-resourced, the increase of the Fire Assessment came with empty promises from City Administration. We ask that all residents stand with us as we campaign for the City Administration to either use the Fire Fee as promised or else abolished it and return the money to the citizens that paid it.


Urge the City Commissioners to vote against any budget that does not allocate the Fire Assessment Fund towards increasing available units and resources needed for responding your emergencies.

All information collected is never sold or used for any purpose other then what is indicated above.

Thanks for standing with us!

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